Buy A Home Using Our App and… We’ll Pay Some of Your Closing Costs!

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Realtime 24/7 Transactions

What if you could search for the perfect home, schedule a showing, place an offer, negotiate that offer in realtime and create all the legal paperwork automatically, all while sitting on your couch? Our new technology does all of that and more!

Real Estate Professionals Guide You

Our local Real Estate agents will go with you on showings or go alone and they get notified. They’ll answer your questions, give great advice and protect you in your negotiations. These experts chosen by UBroker have solid reputations and experience.

Communicate Immediately & Securely

In the palm of your hand, using patented technology, you hold the ability to negotiate with the seller, ask the seller questions, speak with your realtor and close a deal in real time. Don’t lose an opportunity because you’re late to the party.

Your Closing Costs Are Paid!

Purchase your home using a UBroker agent  and we’ll give you part of our commission toward your closing costs as a thank you closing gift! If you listed with UBroker as well, your total savings cold be huge.

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Book a showing on a property, faster.

We use a unique and patented platform that enables showings to be booked on properties instantly, 24/7 with only a few clicks. No waiting for a brokers office to open or for someone to call you back. Book today, day or night.

Make an offer immediately.

In a hot market it’s really important to be certain your offer gets to the head of the line. That’s why you, or a buying agent acting on your behalf, can submit an offer 24/7 on all  properties with only a few clicks. No waiting for a brokers office to open or for someone to get back to you. Get ahead of other buyers to make an offer, sing the paperwork in the app, and see that it’s been sent and received in real time.

For sale by owner
Flat fee listing

Get It Under Contract

The process is interactive for agents and clients with regular detailed activity alerts. Clients and agents see showings and offers in real time. Buyers have immediate satisfaction, able to make offers while viewing the house they want, either in person or online. All contracts are automatically generated for all parties throughout the process.  Plus if your agent isn’t available, you make the offer and they get notified!

Real Estate Agents with A Passion For Saving Clients Money!

Oue network agents are hand picked and have a passion for saving clients money and embracing new technology.  These agents want to empower both buyers and sellers to have more control of their transaction and full transparency. The real estate transaction process is all about saving YOU money at!

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